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Rainbow Food: Part Two

To many, South African cuisine can appear like strange concoctions comprised of ingredients that really don’t belong together. That might be why Heston Blumenthal is such a fan (he talks about it here too)! There is a dish for every mood: it can be comforting, spicy, fresh, exciting…and it’s constantly evolving. Some of it might […]

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Rainbow Food: Part One

So, another person blogging about food…Boooring! And what even qualifies this Evoke Africa lady to write about food?! Well, nothing special, but I’m going to take a moment to explain why it is that I’m going to do it anyway ;) Food is one of my great loves. I would go so far as to […]

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New Year, New Blog!

Hi everyone! How is 2013 treating you so far? It feels like we’re the only ones who haven’t got snow at the moment! If you have it, I hope that you’re keeping safe and warm and making the most of the white stuff while it’s around! As I said in our last post, we’re shaking […]

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