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August Update

Can you believe it’s August already? I feel like I’m still waiting for summer to arrive, yet the shops have suddenly filled up with their Autumn/Winter stock. We’re making our first tentative preparations for Christmas, which is both exciting and bizarre – in my personal life I try to avoid thinking about Christmas until strictly necessary! But the best part of Christmas is picking out presents for your loved ones, and it’s the same feeling that I get whenever I start picking out new stock. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings knowing that the jewellery we hand-pick for you, will chosen by you for your loved ones!

Weather aside, we’ve been having a wonderful summer with more and more lovely people discovering the joys of ethically traded African jewellery. This is brilliant – and not only for us! It means that we’re at a point where we can start to consider placing orders with even more businesses, so we’ll be helping to support the fair trade movement even more – and bringing in a wider variety of beautiful jewellery for you! Isn’t it nice to be part of a process where everbody wins for once?!

On a personal level, we’ve recently welcomed a new member to the Evoke family – our little Standard Schnauzer Jarvis! At 10 weeks old, he’s responsible for two weeks of sleepless nights and manic days! He’s interested in everything, so I can tell that he’s going to enjoy helping us unpack our orders and sending off yours :) He’s settled in exceptionally well and now that we’ve got our little routine going, my frazzled brain might be able to focus enough to write a few more blogs!

Speaking of which, from September we’ll be introducing a few themed blogs each week. Hopefully this will keep things interesting for you, as well as introducing a bit of structure for me; turns it’s not just dogs who need routine! Expect lots of photos, food and fairly traded goodies – with a good does of all other things African for good measure.

Finally, our Summer Sale is in full swing now. As well as the gorgeous summer brights, there are so many transition pieces of jewellery on offer that will see you right through winter…More on that later! If you haven’t already, go and have a little peek and see what bargains catch your eye!

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