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Farewell to 2012!

Hello friends! I hope that you have all been enjoying the season of goodwill? We had an incredibly busy build up to Christmas this year; when the last orders went out and we had a moment to reflect properly on how the festive season had gone, we found that many more Evoke Africa goodies than anticipated were under trees all over the UK, waiting to be opened on Christmas morning…Such an exciting thought! I hope that everyone out there who bought or opened a gift from us was happy with their little piece of Africa.

As always, Christmas has been and gone just as quickly as it crept up on us, so we now find ourselves reflecting on the year that has passed and looking forward to the one ahead. 2012 has been our first full year of trading, and it’s been brilliant! We’ve learned so much, and we’re really happy to see Evoke Africa moving in the right direction. As usual, we had a fantastic time picking out lots of lovely things for you…But this year we were lucky enough to be able to import some of these gorgeous goodies directly from ethical South African businesses that we have long admired – a massive step for us! We also took our first step towards expanding our product ranges, filling our shelves with a stunning selection of Christmas decorations and cards.

After such an exciting 2012, you may ask what 2013 holds for us? Well the answer sounds quite boring, because it’s basically “more of the same, but better”. The last year and a half has been a big learning curve for us, so we’ll be taking some time to get really damn good at what we’re already doing before we start cracking on with the Next Big Step. So it might sound boring, but being awesome at sharing our stunning African goodies is never going to be dull for us, and here’s why;

  • It means that we will (hopefully) be placing larger and/or more frequent orders with our suppliers, helping to further support the fair trade movement.
  • It means that we can offer you a better variety of jewellery, more special offers and further exploration into a wider selection of products for the home, along with an even better user experience on the website.

Does that sound okay? I do hope so!

So getting really good at this will take a lot of work…But we can worry about that next year. All that’s left for us to do this year, is to thank you for your support throughout 2012 – and to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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