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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

We enjoyed our first dusting of snow here in Surrey yesterday, and as I sat here munching my way through yet another mince pie and processing orders, I realised that I hadn’t introduced you to our latest supplier – the fabulous Streetwires!

I first came across Streetwires just over two years ago, when I traveled to South Africa to visit family. Not an uncommon occurrence (though never common enough for my liking), but this time I had a secret agenda. Creating Evoke Africa was the idea that wouldn’t go away, and this trip was the perfect opportunity to start exploring products and suppliers.

Wire art has always been a particular favourite of mine, and as far as I’m concerned each piece is a work of art. The glinting beads used to decorate the wire frames lead me to think of them less as home accessories and more as ‘jewellery for the home’. It’s easy to find – markets are full of artisans selling these incredible sculptures, each with a different take on the craft. Our house is full of beautiful wire and bead flowers, some of which were created in front of our very eyes! It’s so hard to get hold of indigenous South African flora in the UK, but these everlasting blooms warm my heart.

Streetwires have taken wire art to another level. As a Fair Trade organisation they offer permanent employment to over 60 artists, who pour their creative energy into their incredible hand-made wire creations. Stepping into their little shop in the centre of Cape Town was like stepping into an Aladdin’s cave of wire and bead treasures. I knew from the first glance around the store that I had found what I was looking for – their work was such high quality and so innovative that we just HAD to work with them!

After a year of building up our online presence, we decided that the time had come…Christmas would be the perfect time to introduce Streetwires to our shelves! Their intricately beaded decorations are the best possible introduction to wire art and I’m absolutely thrilled that you, our customers, have embraced this first taster of their products. After all, these are special decorations; little pieces of African art for your family to treasure year after year…Perhaps even an opportunity to discuss fair trading with your little ones as you decorate the tree? A chance to help shape the next generation of ethical consumers! Whatever your reason for buying these amazing decorations, I can’t thank you enough for helping us to realise a dream that began two years ago. I can’t wait to share even more Streetwires goodies with you in 2013!

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