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Rainbow Food: Part One

So, another person blogging about food…Boooring! And what even qualifies this Evoke Africa lady to write about food?! Well, nothing special, but I’m going to take a moment to explain why it is that I’m going to do it anyway ;)

Food is one of my great loves. I would go so far as to call myself a foodie, but that brings to mind the sort of person who has a passion for gourmet food…Which I do not. It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate gourmet food. I find it technically impressive, both to eat and to look at. I just find it impersonal, which is the complete opposite of my preferred dining experience.

But my passion is home cooking, baking and street food…Soul food, if you will. It’s the smells wafting from the small independent restaurants, café’s, stalls and bakeries that make my mouth water uncontrollably. You can always find something new there, but in contrast to the food sculptures that one tends to find in a ‘gourmet’ restaurant, the informal, rustic food that you find in these practically begs you to eat it.

It’s a passion that I feed (if you’ll pardon the pun!) most often on my travels around South Africa. As much as my waistline would probably love me to take the ‘eat to live’ approach to food, I do believe that my genetics dictate that my brain and belly would not be satisfied by anything less than a ‘live to eat’ lifestyle! It’s a bit of a joke in my family that our particular brand of travelling can best be referred to as “Tummy Touring” due to the fact that we tend to make our arrangements around which establishments we’d like to eat at that day! Combine our love of food with the fact that we’re usually only in South Africa for a couple of weeks a year, and you have two weeks’ worth of activities already dictated by our taste buds! Having realised this, I make a conscious effort to try and restrict the amount of Tummy Touring that we do to around 50%. The rest of the time, we try to find new favourites to add to the list ;)

Evoke Africa was started because we want to inspire people in the UK to bring a little bit of African sunshine to every part of their lives. The very sight, taste and smell of food is so evocative for most people that an ‘Africa’ blog would be pointless without it. And there’s such a lot to cover; African cuisine is as diverse as the continent it originates from! Probably because it doesn’t just originate from that one country; influences from far and wide have converged to create some incredibly memorable dishes. And that’s why South African cooking is often referred to as Rainbow Food :)

This melting pot of flavours is epitomized in South African cooking, which (given that I grew up on it) will inevitably feature quite heavily in our food blog. Stick around for Part 2 of the blog to find out why it is that you should stick with yet another food blog and bring some Rainbow Food into your life!

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